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We deliver total quality assurance with our services. This is achieved by:

  • UKAS accreditation for a range of routine tests as listed on our UKAS schedule of accreditation
  • UKAS accredited testing of ‘non standard’ organics and metals using our UKAS flexible scope
  • Membership of the UK GLP programme for safety studies
  • Written and validated SOPs with full documentation of updates and changes
  • Control charts for all appropriate organic and inorganic procedures
  • Full sample logging and sample tracking procedures
  • Blanks, matrix spikes and duplicates are built into the procedures
  • Regular use of isotopically labelled internal standards for GC/MS analyses
  • Segregated laboratories – e.g. separate Semi-volatiles and VOC’s laboratories
  • Regular and rigorous staff training
  • Participation in proficiency testing schemes and inter-laboratory trials, including CONTEST (LGC), AQUACHECK, Air PT, QWAS, QMS, AFPS, QCS (all LGC standards), FAPAS, RTC, BIPEA, PICC-MetU and Odournet.
  • The SAL laboratories at Cambridge and Moy are on the M&S and Tesco approved laboratory lists for specified microbiological analysis of foods and swabs”


For organic analysis the QA/QC scheme is based on requirements listed in US EPA protocols, which define not only analytical methods but also have full QA/QC procedures built in. SAL has UKAS accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for most routine tests and its laboratory quality management system.


Inorganic analytical methods are based on published methods e.g. MEWAM or American Water book. Where a published method is not available, in-house methods are developed and validated. Performance characteristics of all methods are determined and routinely checked. Certified standards, where available, are used to validate methods.

Quality Documentation

Full quality documentation suitable for third party audits is always maintained and in turn SAL has been audited by and performed work for major companies operating within UKAS and GLP schemes. SAL laboratories hold UKAS accreditation for most tests.

Quality Control Charts

Our bespoke LIMS system provides integrated quality control charting of any parameter on a per instrument basis. Consequently, SAL currently update over 4250 quality control charts on a daily basis. This highly acclaimed system checks a wide range of conditions and raises failure reports automatically if there is cause for concern. The charts are also subject to visible inspection by an analyst.

This technology and approach to quality control ensures that your results are of the best possible quality at all times.

For more information about any of SAL’s services or quality control, please contact your local laboratory or contact us online.