Scientific Analysis Laboratories Services

SAL offers an exhaustive range of test suites, covering small sectors including environmental, food/feed, occupational hygiene and product testing.

SAL provide a comprehensive range of environmental testing. SAL provides analysis of soils and waters and has a laboratory dedicated to the analysis of samples in relation to Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC testing).

SAL provide a comprehensive range of pesticide, microbiological and nutritional testing. SAL has two dedicated food laboratories in the UK.

SAL’s Biological monitoring division specialises in the testing of occupational hygiene and biological samples.

We take care that our pragmatic services are cost effective and that our range of analytical services are one of the most comprehensive in the UK, with a depth of expertise in all areas

SAL are a UKAS accredited leading laboratory business, involved with many different quality activities, such as MCERTS and GLP. Our commitment to quality in all aspects of our business is intensive.

SAL are a premium analytical laboratory, with a competitive price structure. In addition, SALs flexible approach to business means we can tailor your orders to just what you need and no more, saving you money.

As an independent laboratory, SAL provide a personal, friendly service and will always be available to help customers when they need it; whether it is questions about what tests should be done or understanding the results.

Turn-around times for analyses are both swift and punctual and where the tests permit, we offer accelerated response times.

For more information on any of SAL’s services, please contact your local laboratory or contact us online.