Pesticide Analysis Service

SAL offers one of the most comprehensive pesticide testing services in the UK. Pesticide residue analysis is carried out at the Cambridge laboratory, which is furnished with state of the art analytical equipment. The service provided includes full consultancy pre and post analysis.

Our consultants and technical staff have many years of experience working with agronomists and technical managers within the fresh produce industry combined with pesticide analysis within the laboratory. The service provides you with the assurance that your analytical programme will be managed with a high degree of precision and the findings conveyed to you with interpretation and guidance.

The standard pesticide screen is carried out using both gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC) techniques, with both utilizing sophisticated and highly sensitive mass spectrometry (MS) detection. In total, the pesticide screen employing the two methods covers in excess of 450 actives which have been carefully selected amongst the chemicals routinely used in modern agriculture and those that have been banned for toxicological reasons. By working closely with the industry and pesticide manufacturers, monitoring the EU and UK pesticide surveillance programmes, the screening list is constantly being reviewed to ensure that the analysis carried out provides you with the most appropriate coverage that is relevant and value for money.

We will assist you with the design of your testing programme, sampling protocol and identify key risks by examining proposed and applied spray records. Recommendations will be made where additional testing of target residues is required. SAL can assist you with a wide range of targetted analyses such as dithiocarbamates, maleic hydrazide, chlormequat, dithianon, ethephon and many others.

All analysis is carried out by highly skilled and trained staff in accordance with the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) guidelines, EU Regulations and internationally recognised standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The precision and quality of the analysis is monitored and verified via a thorough and well defined quality control monitoring process which includes the fortification and recovery analysis of all the pesticide actives being tested and reagent blanks.

We can assist you with sample collection and overnight transfer to our laboratory. In emergency situations we can arrange same day door to door transfer of samples for rapid testing.

We offer a range of reporting times to suit your requirements and budget, this can range from 10 working days to same day testing.

SAL pesticide reports are easy to interpret and to assist with the management of the data, we can customise and create a database to store your analytical data that is safe and easy to access. The database will enable fast, effective trending, searches etc.

We offer standard and tailored training courses to establish a sound working knowledge of pesticide residue testing. Courses cover sampling, how analysis is carried out, how the data is generated and interpreted, legislation and toxicological risks from presence of high pesticide levels.

For more information on SAL’s Food Pesticide testing, please contact your local laboratory or contact us online.